X2 Core Workout in P90X2

Take a look at this preview video and you will see that p90X2′s X2 Core workout is not some rehash of Core Synergistics from P90X.  This is a whole new way of moving your body.  There is a lot of focus on speed in some of the movements like the part where Tony Horton is doing core pushups with a medicine ball in front of him.  But form is still the all important and most important thing.  In another section of the video Tony is instructing fellow coach Barbie Decker in doing a plank position movement that seems to rotate your core while keeping it engaged at the same time.

In all the previews I’ve seen so far, all of the moves are unique and bring a brand new aspect to standard core movements such as the plank move.  if you haven’t pre-ordered P90X2 and would like too, click on the link below.  P90X2 is scheduled to begin shipping by December 1st and so far there are over 25,000 pre orders.  This is a revolution in fitness and if you want to be part of it and join our team click on the link below.  As always I’m here to help and answer any questions you may have about your workouts so contact me anytime.



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One Commentto X2 Core Workout in P90X2

  1. Dan V. says:

    If the 1 on 1′s are any indication, there’ll be no shortage of sweat on this workout.