Get Fit Now

girl with weightsDon’t put it off any longer.  Today is the day to start to get fit.  don’t say you’ll start after Thanksgiving or after new years or try to lose those extra pounds just before summer, the time is right now to start getting in shape.  Most people are going to use that mental escape clause,”I’ll start soon” to put off starting an exercise program.  If you say you’ll start after the holidays or before summer you’re giving yourself permission to not do it right now.  And guess what, you’re out of shape or in shape year round not just before summer.  You’ve got to do this now.  Your health, your fitness and your ego will all thank you if you just start to workout today.

I have used those excuses to not exercise myself.  Many years ago I did the same thing. ” I’ll get serious right after Thanksgiving”.   Because everybody knows that you have to stuff yourself during the holidays and who wants to miss that right?  To get fit and stay healthy takes a serious commitment and dedication, but you owe it to yourself and it’s important that you pick a start point.  That start point should be right now.

The first time I started P90X was several years ago and I began right after the new year with my wife and we were going to stay with it forever and have toned fit bodies.  We stayed with it for a while, but inside we didn’t have the full commitment yet.  We didn’t dedicate ourselves to staying fit and being healthy year round instead of  “just before summer” which was a phrase we used a lot.  ” I’ll start exercising right after the new year”.  is one of those comments that I hear from people that really have every intention of following through as long as it remains an idea and not the reality of the hard work that is required.

Make this year the year of you.  Do you have the motivation it takes to start to get fit today?  The holiday season will still come and go, summer will still come and go but if you make up your mind that you will no longer play catch up with your health and your fitness then you will be ahead of the game and well ahead of the 90+ percent of people that never lose the weight permanently.  Never work out regularly,  and always say the same thing year after year.  “I’ll start______”.  Fill in the blank.  If that describes you fill in the blank with “today”

If you truly want to get fit and stay fit for life I can help you.  If  I’m not already your coach, make me your coach now and we can get you started and keep you on track for the long haul.  Take charge of your fitness.  Start today.

4 Commentsto Get Fit Now

  1. Simo says:

    Start today, thank yourself tomorrow! BTW Jim is a great coach, he will definitely get you there!

  2. Dan V. says:

    Can I add a “like” to Simo’s comment?

    Great post, Jim. Excuses are around every corner. There’s always going to be a roadblock of “I’ll start after”. Always. Is skipping Thanksgiving gut-stuffing hard? Kinda… but not as hard as you might think. I remember last year I was midway through a P90X “recutting” round… and I brought a sandwich. I’ll tell you… I don’t look at my reflection now and say “Man, I wish I could have had some of those sweet potatoes”.

    • Jim says:

      You’ve got the results that show the sacrifice Dan. It take a willpower that few have but everybody wants.